The collection of data can be a headache for sales teams. Oftentimes research is carried out by younger associates who can’t discern or weed out information that is superfluous. Our in-house, customized search tools enable the collection of prime business data only from reputable sources. We find minute details on the web related to your inquiries that are based on your specific requests.


Without good data, you don’t have much in terms of sales and marketing. Business data needs to be treated with a white glove service and Fast Track provides just that. From storage to cleansing, standardization to segmentations, our highly intelligent software makes sure your data is lean, clean and ready for prospecting.


If the information in your CRM isn’t up to excellent standards, how can your sales pipeline be truly effective? Fasttrack enriches CRMs and other marketing automation tools through web hooks, appends, and other intelligent sales information applications.