Fasttrack uses the most innovative digital levers to maximize your marketing and sales ROI.



Make your LinkedIn profile work for you without lifting a finger. Currently, the LinkedIn network has over 467 million members. That’s a lot of eyes on who you are and what you are marketing or selling. However, if your profile is not maximized, you could be missing out on new connections and opportunities. Fasttrack will help you ensure your LinkedIn profile is everything it can be. Our services include profile enhancement and message or invitation distribution.


Navigating LinkedIn for prospecting purposes can be tedious and frustrating. Oftentimes, people don’t update their information frequently enough to make a sales pitch find its desired destination. Let us find your LinkedIn contact information using our proprietary methods, we will eliminate bounced emails and append information such as: Business email, work location, job function and title, and job history.


An effective e-mailing campaign is part of a defined acquisition strategy and is based on mastering and respecting technical standards ensuring the deliverability of your emails, the visual efficiency and the performance of your message guaranteeing a good rate opening and conversion.

Highly personalised emails to the targeted prospects, optimised for increased conversion rates. Your sales team are notified about replies from interested prospects and they can easily pick up the conversation and work on closing the deal. 

Your campaign is quantifiable immediately, you receive a report of the email campaign statistics (opening rate, click rate, responsiveness rate.


Webinars allow you to reach prospects from all over the world so you can expand your customer base and lower the cost per lead. Through online presentations or demos, communicate clearly about your products and services. Answer their queries in real time. 

We send invitations, promote your meetings and manage the registration of your attendees in a simple manner. You can focus on engaging the interested participants during the webinar session. 

Take advantage of your event and extract useful forecasts and trends. Keep in touch with the participants and strengthen the relationships you have just established.


We provide an integrated online advertising campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Adwords that exposes to prospective buyers. Once a campaign begins, we track pertinent information such as traffic, conversions and user behavior. Our approach to online advertising combines creative messaging with required back-end analysis, to see what’s working and what could work better. 

In Fasttrack we take charge of the integral management of your Adwords campaigns. We will assign you a personal analyst, who will be your reference contact for questions, doubts and improvements of your campaigns.

Our analyst will send you a complete report every month, so you will be aware of the status of your campaigns, the conversion you get, and the return on your investment. We become your marketing department and we advise you on the best options at every moment that may interest you and your company.


Telemarketing allows you to gain insights into prospect’s current business landscape, to increase awareness among the target companies. It allows you to get immediate feedback, easily measurable and the activity can be adjusted quickly. 

We act on your behalf, we adapt our speech our approach, and personalise for you all our tools. Much more than an external service provider, we join your sales teams, and become your dedicated partner!

We support:

– Market clearing,
– Project detection,
– Qualification of prospects,
– Make qualified appointments with your prospects,
– Active promotion of your company,
– Surveys,
– CRM updation.