Since 2013, Fasttrack connects medical device companies – manufacturers and distributors – through the web platform and the MedicaMatch Meetings business events.

Fasttrack’s ambition is to bring the global medical community together by combining the power of digital with the strength of face-to-face meetings.


MedicaMatch Meetings

MedicaMatch Meetings are 2-day business events that allow medical manufacturers to identify and meet with their future sales partners on every continent.


Registration is open for the Meetings in Latin America!


Fasttrack benefits from a major competitive advantage achieved through business process streamlining and resource optimization.

Searching for organizations and professionals all over the world has always been part of our core business. We have streamlined our business processes and designed unique research methods to significantly increase the performance of our team. Below is a brief summary of the critical steps that precede the MedicaMatch Meetings:

Step 1 – Registration Form and Kick-off Meeting
Upon receipt of the completed registration form, a project manager will contact your representative to schedule a phone call. This kick-off meeting allows us to understand your product/service offerings and to define the targeting criteria that will be used to build your target distributor list.

Step 2 – Sales Partner Search
Based on your specific targeting criteria, our team builds a list of potential sales partners and starts qualifying them through digital and direct contact. Our team takes advantage of this qualifying phase to identify key people such as owners, managing directors, product managers, purchasers, etc. We send detailed information on your company and products to the qualified sales partners long before the event. Although complex and time-consuming, this phase is crucial to the success of your business expansion.

Step 3 – Meeting Requests
Our team also arranges meetings with distribution partners that match all your targeting criteria. At this stage, you can send us a list of distributors that must be excluded (reason for the exclusion will be required). Fifteen days before the event, you will also have the possibility to send up to 20 meeting requests to qualified sales partners via the platform.


Fasttrack has acquired unparalleled experience by serving the medical industry over the last 10 years.

TEAM. Our people are marketing and business/sales development experts, highly-skilled, well-trained and polyglot.
GLOBAL. We have offices in France, Brazil, Mexico, the United States, and the Philippines.
EXPERTISE. We have a clear understanding of the medical industry, its players but also the communication and sales channels.
KNOW-HOW. We know how to effectively engage the companies and professionals in the medical industry.
DATA. We have access to the world’s largest medical business directory and the most comprehensive contact database.
INNOVATION. We invest in R&D and use cutting-edge technologies to collect and process data from online and offline sources.
NETWORK. We have established strategic partnerships with RA/QA organizations such as MANDALA International and participate every year in the main trade shows and congresses such as Medica, Arab Health, etc.

How are the potential sales partners identified?


The sources of information used to identify sales partners (distributors, agents, wholesalers, etc.) are numerous and often complementary: Web, Social Media, Business Networks, Professional Associations, Trade Promotion Agencies, Regulatory Bodies, Purchasing Professionals, End-Consumers, Business Data Providers. Freelancers can sometimes be hired for non-English speaking countries.


How targeted are the distribution partners?


The potential sales partners are shortlisted according to your specific targeting criteria: countries, medical specialties, product categories, sales channels, etc.


How qualified are the meetings?


The potential sales partners receive detailed information on your company and products long before the event. They will show interest in your business by accepting your meeting request on the platform.

Do I have access to the distributor profiles?

All information collected about the sales partners invited to attend an event are available on the platform. You can view the full company profiles after registering to an event. You will have access to the distributors’ data before, during and up to 1 month after the event.

Data provided: company name, full address, medical specialties, product categories, markets & channels, accurate key people’ names and actionable contact data.

Can I get market insights before attending an event?

Insights on targeted markets can be provided after you send us the completed registration form.

In-depth market studies can be conducted. Please contact us for a quote.

What is the price per event and what does it include?

The price per event (excl. VAT) ranges from 8,700.00 EUR to 11,700.00 EUR.

Manufacturers that register 120 days before the event get a 20% early bird discount.

Our turnkey solution includes:
1. Registration of your company to the event
2. Planning and organizing 1-to-1 business meetings with qualified sales partners
3. Two lunches per event, coffee from 9 am to 6 pm, welcome cocktail
4. Access to information workshops

Transfers by plane, shuttles between the airport and the hotel, accommodation, breakfasts and dinners, access to the evening gala are not included.

Is there a minimum number of meetings per event?

No, the number of meetings depends mainly on your target markets. There is also no maximum number of meetings per event. Our team always does its best to optimize your 2-day agenda.

How many manufacturers can participate in each event?

The number of participants is limited to 20 per event. That is what allows us to offer a high-quality service.

What is the average number of people representing their company?

Companies may be represented by 1 or 2 people.

Attending the event with 2+ representatives generates an additional cost. Please contact us for a quote.

Can I showcase my products?

MedicaMatch Meetings are special events designed to help you meet business partners that match your targeting criteria. Our events are not intended to become an exhibition venue. We invite you to bring marketing materials (business cards, videos, commercial brochures, technical documentation, etc.) and to take advantage of another event (eg trade show) to show your products. You can find further information on this topic in our terms of sale.

How to manage possible language barriers?

English is the language that should be used in all meetings.

On-demand interpretation and translation services can be provided. Please contact us for a quote.

Can I get assistance with transportation and hotels?


Yes, booking and transportation services can be provided. Please contact us for a quote.


What Return on Investment can I expect?

Over the last 5 years, we have arranged nearly 300 business meetings.
– 100% of our clients had qualified meetings with targeted distributors
– 70% of our clients signed a distribution contract less than 12 months after meeting with targeted distributors




MedicaMatch’s General Terms and Conditions of Sale are available here.