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Our sales prospecting solution allows you to:

Introduce your product/service offerings
Announce the launch of a new product/service
Inform of your presence at a business event
Qualify the level of interest of your prospects
Set up phone calls and face-to-face meetings

Unmatched processing times.


Fasttrack commits itself to study any new project and to send when the feasibility of the project is confirmed a assignment letter within 10 working days.

The assignment duration depends mainly on the research complexity.

30 to 60 working days are required to run an effective sales prospecting campaign.

A proven method for your business development.



Assignment Letter and Kick-off Meeting

Upon receipt of the ratified assignment letter, a project manager will contact your representative to schedule a phone meeting. This kick-off meeting allows us to validate the marketing campaign settings and to define the targeting criteria that will be used by our team to build your prospect list.

During this preliminary phase, our team:
– analyzes your customer database and market segmentation
– defines your priority segments and your specific targeting criteria
– validates the marketing campaign settings (Email, LinkedIn, Phone, Web)
– connects you with a specialized consultant when your development project is not mature/structured enough

Company List Building

Once the specifications are completed, our team builds a list of companies that meet your specific targeting criteria. The list thus constituted can contain from 30 to 200 target accounts according to the target markets. Our team then works on your employees’ LinkedIn accounts to identify key people in those companies and invite them to be part of your 1st-degree connections.



Validation of the target accounts

We will expect you to select the 20 accounts that you believe are the most relevant and promising for your development project. The choice of companies with high potential is a crucial step in the campaign. In fact, it is often impossible for us to effectively prospect all target companies; and identifying key people in those organizations remains a particularly time-consuming task that we save for the “best candidates”. At this stage, you will also be able to send us a list of accounts to be excluded from the prospect list (customers or current partners for example). Only the accounts validated by your company will be approached during the sales prospecting phase.

Content creation for initial contact

After selecting the accounts, your commercial and technical documentation will be reviewed by our team. Some changes in the content may be suggested to improve the match between your communications and your target audience.

Omnichannel Prospecting

LinkedIn, Email and Phone are the 3 channels used consecutively to effectively engage your target accounts and maximize the number of qualified leads generated during the campaign.


A personalized message is sent to your new targeted connections on LinkedIn.


A personalized email is sent to the professionals who agreed to receive your communications.


Outbound calls are made to interact with decision-makers in the target accounts.

Campaign Report

We send you a weekly campaign report to keep you informed, and a final campaign report at the end of the assignment.

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